Masada, Dead Sea & Ein Gedi

three sites full of natural beauty and history

Explore the ancient fortress of Masada, hike in the Ein Gedi nature reserve, and float in the mineral rich Dead Sea.

Only an hour drive from Jerusalem one of the greatest wonders of the world is available. Located at approximately 430 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. There you can float in the highly salinized water and enjoy the benefits of the mineral rich mud. 
While down south, you can travel just twenty minutes to hike the Ein Gedi Springs. Ein Gedi is a light hike suitable for many ages with stunning natural waterfalls and springs.
No trip to the Dead Sea would be complete without a visit to the ancient fortress of Masada. This massive fortress was built by King Herod and tells the story of the Zealots and their takeover of the mountain during the Great Revolt. The fortress can be accessed at sunrise to enjoy some of the most stunning views of the Moab Desert and the Dead Sea. However, the beauty of this region shines throughout the day and can be accessed by foot or by cable car.
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