Tel Aviv

the modern cultural center of Israel

Home to beautiful beaches, a rich food scene and thriving cultural life, Tel Aviv has become the Hebrew cultural city that Zionists dreamt it would be in the early 1900s.

Old Jaffa was one of the early walled cities that housed both Jews and Arabs until the early 1900s when a few families left the walls determined to start a new cultural center that would later become Tel Aviv. Here we can visit some of the amazing art galleries and flea markets. Old Jaffa is referenced several times in the Old and New Testament and St. Peter’s Church is makes for a great visit.
Tel Aviv is a bustling city that attracts a wide mix of Israel’s society. You can get a glimpse into the political and social voice of Tel Aviv through a Graffiti Walking Tour.
For the inner foodie in all of us, Tel Aviv is a go to spot! Home to many cafes and restaurants, Tel Aviv is working to make Israel a must visit foodie spot. Explore Levinsky Market, one of several markets in Tel Aviv, through hearing the stories of the owners of the different stalls and tasting their fabulous creations.
The story of the Independence of the State of Israel began right here in Tel Aviv. Follow along the Independence Trail that marks some of the historical buildings and moments from the beginning of the State of Israel until today.
Just a short drive from Tel Aviv:
Palmach Museum highlights the history of the early fighters before Israel was granted Independence. The heroic tails of those early fighters are told in an interactive museum suitable for all ages.
During the British Mandate, pre-establishment of the State, a small kibbutz was responsible for one of the most secretive operations that contributed to the declaration of Independence. A visit to Machon Ayalon tells that story as you walk through the preserved buildings of the kibbutz.
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