The Mediterranean Coast

Just a short drive up from Tel Aviv you will find Caesarea. This national park is home to the stunning port, Roman Amphitheatre and Hippodrome created during the 2nd century and preserved until today.  
Zichron Yaakov – one of the first small communities established by Baron Edmund Rothschild is now the center for much of the exciting boutique wine industry here in Israel.
Haifa is a unique city that blends many cultures, peoples and faiths. Visit the Bahai Gardens – one of the holiest sites in the faith with stunning landscaping. Explore Wadi Nisnas to better understand the complexities of a city that many different people call home. We will get to know the people of the Wadi through their food and family stories. Just a few minutes drive from Haifa you can taste and experience the Druze culture through a market tour and home cooked meal in Daliyat Al Karmel.
Continuing north, Akko’s beautiful walls, churches, synagogues, mosques and Knight’s Hall all tell the story of the many leaders that once controlled the city.
Rosh Hanikra is a stunning geological formation on the border between Israel and Lebanon. The white chalk cliffs open into beautiful grottos and picturesque scenery.
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